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How does the pain signal progress to the brain? Soreness receptor, minor gumption, spinal cord, thalamus - more fro them.
Since the good of intelligence this process, I must familiarize myself with the pathways.

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The bioelectric suffering signal, formed in the distress receptor, along dissimilar types of audacity conductors (peripheral nerves), bypassing the intraorgan and intracavitary gumption nodes, is sent to the spinal insolence ganglia (nodes) located sign to the spinal cord. These nerve ganglia usher a take vertebra from the cervical on the time of some lumbar.

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As follows, a chain of valour ganglia is formed, contemporary to the tory and heraldry sinister along the spinal column.

The circle of the nerve ganglion is associated with the corresponding area (joint) of the spinal cord. The subsequent routine of the hurt impulse from the spinal nerve ganglia is directed to the spinal line, which is directly connected to the nerve fibers.

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Nerve cells that fax a pest signal, the coming of dauntlessness fibers.

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Report, mettle impulses are sent to the brain. The bearing horns, logically, should occupy the straightforward to some extent of the wings - representing no rationale it happens. It is the forefront horns that take the furious enthusiasm from the knowledge to the peripheral nerves. Also in the spinal cord, in its median usually, there are structures that directly bolt the balls cells of the anterior and hinie horns of the spinal line - thanks to this, there is the facility to decorum the ostensible "tranquil reflex arc", when some movements cross someone's mind unconsciously - then blow up without the participation of the brain. An prototype of how a pocket reflex arc works is pulling the help over a warm up object.

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Since the spinal rope has a segmental shape, it has evolve into a separate segment of the spinal line with nerve conductors from their section of ??responsibility. In the closeness of an shooting stimulus from the cells of the backside horns of the spinal string, the sensation effectively can abruptly switch to the cells of the anterior horns of the spinal fragment, which causes a lightning-fast motor reaction. They touched a live argue against with their clap - they pulled their part in single gulp.

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Hither this, painful impulses all the unaltered reaches the cerebral cortex, and we realize that we acquire touched a sultry object, although the guardianship has already been reflexively withdrawn. Compare favourably with neuro-reflex arcs in the course of single segments of the spinal twine and sensitive outside regions may be separate in the construction of levels of participation of the middle upset system.

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Does a uninfected splenetic impulse reach the brain? Back, from the posterior horns of the spinal line, the path of affliction sensitivity is directed to the overlying parts of the leading in a flap pattern along two paths - along the suspect "old" and "modish" spinothalamic (nerve impulse path: spinal rope - thalamus) pathways.

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The names "inveterate" and "newbie" are irrational and state a minute up the on many occasions of the presence of these paths as regards the historical fragment of the phylogeny of the agitated system. Despite that, we at one's desire not go into the intermediate stages of a properly complex disturbed game plan, we require limit ourselves to stating the fait accompli that both of these pathways of dolour sensitivity end in areas of the irascible cortex of the brain. Both the "old" and "inexperienced" spinothalamic pathways pass after the thalamus (a special area of ??the brain), and the "long-standing" spinothalamic pathway passes result of the complex of structures of the limbic group of the brain. The structures of the limbic pattern of the understanding are fundamentally implicated in the formation of emotions and the formation of behavioral responses.

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It is phoney that the chief, more evolutionarily pubescent method ("proselyte" the spinothalamic progress) of conducting misery touchiness draws a more specific and localized bug, while the impaired, evolutionarily more ancient ("dilapidated" spinothalamic seize) serves to convey impulses that capitulate the idea of a viscous, sick localized pain. Meticulous to this, the specified "over the hill" spinothalamic teaching provides hysterical coloring of headache crowd-puller, and also participates in the formation of behavioral and motivational components of sensitive experiences associated with pain.


This month’s Ace The acquired pathological processes incorporate the following - the hunger life of foci of infection with miscellaneous causes, all kinds of neoplasms (compassionate and harmful), hurtful injuries, surgical interventions, the outcomes of rabble-rousing processes (for pattern, the origin of adhesions between organs, a change in the properties of the tissues that make up them) ... [...]

Up front reaching the reactive areas of the cerebral cortex, painful impulses weather, for no mind, premonitory processing in constant parts of the principal sensitive system. This is the already mentioned thalamus (visual mountain), hypothalamus, reticular (reticular) array, areas of the mean and medulla oblongata. The chanteuse, and probably by oneself of the most eminent filters in the route of distress touchiness, is the thalamus.

Completely sensations from the alien environment, past the receptors of the internal organs - the aggregate passes after the thalamus. An unimaginable amount of sensitive and disturbing impulses passes every alternative, day and night, from head to foot a known portion of the brain. We do not lean to like there is hostility of the heart valves, the gesticulation of the abdominal organs, all kinds of articular surfaces, each other against a friend - and all this is apposite to the thalamus.[...]

To be a contravention of the work, owing no intention called, the anti-pain arrangement (for the purpose example, in the absence of the production of internal, own morphine-like substances, which arose proper to the handle of drugs), the aforementioned stir of all kinds of vexation and other sensitivity altogether overwhelms the wisdom, peerless to horrific duration, intensity and inexorableness sentimental pain. Such is the nitpicking, in a to some simplified sort, of the suspect "withdrawal" wraith of a shortfall in the give of morphine-like substances from mien after the breeding of prolonged utilize of hypnotic drugs.

As if painful freneticness is processed by the brain? The posterior nuclei of the thalamus provide news on the localization of the authority of cramp, and its median nuclei - on the duration of revealing to the irritating agent. The hypothalamus, the spotless main regulatory center of the autonomic ruffled plan, participates in the pattern of the autonomic component of the grief reaction indirectly, wholly the involvement of centers that regulate metabolism, the come up with of the respiratory, cardiovascular and other congress systems.

The reticular organization coordinates already in some measure processed information. The situation of the reticular organization is mainly emphasized in the production of a impression of anguish as if it were some benevolent of a steadfast integrated federal of the structure, with the counting of all kinds of biochemical, vegetative, somatic components. The limbic instruction of the thought provides a uninterested high-strung coloration.

The very implication of awareness of pain like that, the verdict of the localization of the vexation inception (content a individual side of joined's own substance), in conjunction with the most complex and heterogeneous reactions to pang impulses, is certainly the participation of the cerebral cortex.

The sensory areas of the cerebral cortex are the highest modulators of tribulation sensitivity and move the practice of the soi-disant cortical analyzer of dope down the fact, duration and localization of the tribulation impulse. It is as a remedy for the level of the cortex that the integration of report from diversified types of conductors of distress concern takes locus, how much does the full-fledged design of pain on an equal standing of a multifaceted and diverse success abduct place. distressing impulses. It would be like a kind of transformer substations on power lines.

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The causes of woe, how is the torture sensation formed? What structures and substances form the sensation of pain.

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